Cedar Grove, New Jersey: Small Town Remembrances, Marlboro Inn, Diary of Phebe Dod

Cedar Grove, New Jersey: Small Town Memories
St Catherins Cedar Grove
A Drive Down Pompton Avenue circa 1963.....
Early Memories
Cedar Grove: A Short History
South End School
South End Woods and Pecman's Brook
The Sweet Shoppe and Zandstra's Deli
A Last Visit To The House On Sweetwood Drive
The Slaughterhouse
Timeless Moments in Cedar Grove
The Perfect Summer
Spontaneous Visit To St. Catherins.......April 20th 2013
Snapshots in Time
Moving Away .....1968.....
A Powerful Dream
The Vagabonds of '74
Cedar Grove Inspired Songs
Meeting Gordon Lightfoot
California Medal Detecting
64th Psalm...New American Bible
Glen Ridge, New Jersey 1968-72 Douglas Rd.....Gas Lamps.....Life
Glen Ridge, Bob Dylan, The Verona IHOP
Glen Ridge Memories
Marlboro Inn Profiles: Miss Beaton, Mr. McCann, Dolly Varden,Mr. Goodenough, Mr. Ring, Mr. Campbell, Viola Archer
Marlboro Inn Thumbnails...Mr. Tryon, Mrs. Hanners, Mrs. Bouk, Mrs. Heising
Diary of Phebe Townley Dod 1855-1860 Residing at 251 Washinton St. Newark N.J.
Diary Of Phebe Dod 1856 Fourth of July and Presidential Election
Diary of Phebe Dod 1857 Death of Albert Dod, India Rubber Factery Fire, Visits to Morristown and Mendham
Diary Of Phebe Dod 1858 Telegraph Cable Laid Across The Atlantic, Dental Work, More Funerals
Diary of Phebe Dod 1859 Public Hanging, 18th Birthday, Picking Berrys, Death of John Brown
Diary of Phebe Townley Dod, Winter of 1860
Dod Family Friends in Newark
The Jersey Shore 2011......Insights and Visions

For those who think the name Cedar Grove was adopted in 1908
read this from the early 1800's Newark Newspaper                              
The  Sentinal  Of  Freedom

"Error of Opinion May Be Tolerated, Where Reason is Left Free To Combat It"

Tues. August 1, 1815                                                                      No. 42 Volume XIX Total 902

Cotton Yarn
A supply of Cotton Yarn, 
from the Cedar Grove Manufacturing Company
may be had at the store of the subscriber
James Vanderpool, Newark, March 10th 1814 

(Cedar Grove did have a cotton mill in those days at Bowdon Pond.
This must have been a long running ad......)

(See page 19 of Philip Edward Jaeger's Book, "Images of America, Cedar Grove")
The "Industrial Review" of 1907 
states that the number of people living in Cedar Grove
in the year 1907 was 569.....


Lake Hopatcong
several years back

In 1959 my family moved to Cedar Grove where open spaces gave rise to endless exploration and where friends and neighbors enriched our lives.
It was the Golden Age of Suburbia, in the timelessness of the American Dream. In these pages you may reconnect with some of the people and places that made Cedar Grove such a great place to have grown up.....

Lydia, Leslie, Frank and friend Gene
In the Backyard on Sweetwood
Frank Leslie's Illustrated
My Aunt "Stell" Maried Frank Leslies Grandson

Portals close behind you and dimensions are forgotten
Only wispy things remain and float away like cotton....

Portals close behind you and the Treasure Trove is sealed
on the Price you had to pay and what has been revealed....
who we really were....what was and wasn't Real

Portals close behind you to the sound of fading voices
a part of you seeks solace...and a part of you rejoicess...

Jack in the Pulpits
made the south end woods magical

South End School
1st Grade, Miss Brouch.....1960

Aunt Stell's Rose Bushes
About 1965
A summer day long ago
in the old stomping grounds
If you had a pair of Beatle Boots
you were an instant celebrity
The moment I got home from school
this album illuminated my room
The house on Sweetwood Dr.
At the Crossroads of the neighborhood

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Just Discovered 10/27/13:
"Pompton Turnpike Fox Trot" Lyrics

Years ago I found a 1940's Record at a Garage Sail.....

Writhen by Charlie Barnet who's Band Played at The Meddowbrook.

The lyrics:
Pompton Turnpike, that's 
A Very famous Jersey Roadway
Full of Country Charm

Pompton Turnpike leads you
To a place not far from Broadway
Still, it's on a Farm       

You dine with Lights subdued 
The Music interludes  put you in the Mood
To dance and find yourself Romance
Pompton Turnpike, ride your Bike
Or if you like just Hitch Hike 
Come to Pompton Turnpike  
You can hear the tune
on UTUBE.....
   " Pompton Turnpike Fox Trot "